British misanthropic act Mørktår have announced their debut album, which is entitled “Dark Years.” The band describes it shortly but clearly as a continuation of their unstoppable hatred for mankind. “Dark Years” is going to feature Mørktår’s new vocalist/lyricist Repktkor who joined forces in 2013.  So far an exact date, cover artwork and a sample are to come in time. Meanwhile, you can follow the band and listen to their previous records via the links below.

MørktårDark years
Salure Records, release: expected in the winter of 2014, TBA
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  1. Happiness No Life
  2. No Efficiency In Your Blood
  3. Worse Than The Plague
  4. Loneliness Is All You Have
  5. Painful Dark Death
  6. Dark Years
  7. Lifekut Misery

Total running time: approx. 40:00