Ordo Omegae Absolutae – a Belgian underground collective that produces black metal and dark ambient, have introduced me their newest obscure creation. A split between two bands – Morkenatten and De Vermis Mysteriis that is entitled “Ayin Harsha”.

Let me put it this way: This CD (limited to 100 pieces) is raw as Hell and it’s not made for a mass consumption, so to speak. It’s a 30 minute harsh black metal experience of severe shrieks and apocalyptic sonic assault that bring nothing more but pure holocaust over your world.  You’ll see what I mean below as soon as you play the whole split.

“Ayin Harsha” consists of a total of 9 songs – 4 per each band plus one bonus from Ordo Omegae Absolutae. The title “Ayin Harsha” refers to the evel eye, which is shown on the cover artwork as well as the voodoo statue having shards of glass in its eyes, as O.O.A. states. The reason for choosing this concept is due to the nature of both bands that share abstract horror and misanthropic visions.

In H.P. Lovecraft’s “Chtulhu Mythos” there are references of an evil elder entity named Cyäegha – a lidless eye that has tentacles and bears an infinite hatred towards mankind. It forces humans to turn noctambulant and thus take part in glomy mountain rituals. The name of this creature inspires the title of this album – “Ayin Harsha”.

The process of understanding “Ayin Harsha” might take you a few more spins until you do because of its intentional rawness. Consider it a time travel back to the 90s. If you’ve been nostalgic and feeling thirst for the oldschool bm sound, I recommend you this split as well as the rest productions by O.O.A., which you can listen to on their soundcloud (links below).

Morkenatten and De Vermis MysteriisAyin Harsha
Ordo Omeage Absolutae
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De Vermis Mysteriis
1. Invocatio – Cyaëgha pt. I
2. Draining The Arteries Of Time
3. Spectres Of The Inner Seals
4. Exvocatio – Cyaëgha pt. II

5. Elixir For The Weeping
6. Mourning Fixation
7. The Stimulus Of Ammonia
8. While The Chrysanthemums Sang

Ordo Omegae Absolutae
9. ???

Total running time: 34:00