It’s about time that you get another peek at what 2017 holds! Mord’A’Stigmata, a Polish ritualistic/ avant-garde black metal band have released an official statement about their 4th upcoming album named “Hope.” Pagan Records is taking care of distributing the record starting from 17th February. The new opus is gonna be available on CD, LP and digital format. 

Hope” includes a short track list of 4 songs, which you can see below. Here is how the main creative force Static describes the essence of the whole package:

As usual, we came up with a mixture of styles to be named by people more wise than us. We play more with hearts than with heads and do not intend to play someone we are not. And that’s actually what „Hope” is, the music of pure emotions.

Track list

1. Hope
2. The Tomb from Fear and Doubt
3. To Keep the Blood
4. In Less Than No Time

For the time being, Mord’A’Stigmata have not shared a preview yet but while waiting for it, have a listen to their latter EP “Our Hearts Slow Down.”

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