Morar is an entity of deep mystery; I don’t know who they are (no lineup announced) nor where they are from, though their bandcamp suggests Greenland in the tags line. What I do know is that they have an excellent taste and vision of expressing their darkened creativity. Back in 2013, Morar put out an EP called “Chants of Ossian” consisting of 5 songs in the vein of “sophisticated black metal” as described by the band itself.

Short and very sweet.  After spending 26 minutes listening / reflecting on “Chants of Ossian” over and over again, I found a little resemblance with the Swedish masterpiece “Welcome My Last Chapter” by VinterlandMorar used a melodic approach in a similar manner and added on top beautiful passages of gentle ambience, acoustic guitar playing and haunting chants that soften the instrumental.

A beatufiful composition made by servants of the dark

“Chants of Ossian” leads you into the darker and colder side of nature and battles – so breathtaking.. It paints an epic scenary of huge proportions. One of the songs that exemplifies this feeling with full force is “O, Morar.” Even though I am not a fan of track-by-track reviews, this one deserves special attention.  “O, Morar” is the fastest and most aggressive song of this EP. It doesn’t particularly  stand out with innovation but still the composition is killer. The vocals ( as thoughout the whole album ) are superbly executed – wicked and consistent. The instrumental is repetitive and quite catchy, I’d say. The combination of the melodic & furious tremolos along with the sudden passages that slow down the aggressiveness for a short while and resembling a picture of a silent rainy day  is pure awesomeness.

Morar also feature a lyric video of the song “Thy Fame.” The video itself doesn’t pop up with a unique concept, though backs the song very well and intensifies the experience from the journey among the tall, menacing trees. “Thy Fame” is the lighest song by sound and possibly the one that could take over yourself with an ease. See for yourself  just below.

In a nutshell “Chants of Ossian” doesn’t redefine the black metal genre BUT still it is a valuable record of simple yet infectious instrumental and sophisticated vibe – engages the listener into an esoteric realm. I am curious to see what Morar are preparing for us in the following release. I’d recommend it to melodic black/post-black/atmospheric black fans. You can try it out below and hopefully enjoy it as much as I did.

MorarChants of Ossian
Self-released, release: 06.06.2013
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1. Chants of Ossian
2. O, Morar
3. Four Stones
4. Thy Fame
5. Of the Fallen

Total running time: 26:12