Alright people, it’s about time to present a highly infectious batch of 3 upcoming releases that will easily blow your fucking mind. Each one is packed with a preview, so plug your headphones and get ready for an overwhelming wave of badassary! 

Moonaadem – S/T

Barren lands of desolation and cold. Air filled with grief and bewitching auroras soaring above. This is just a tiny little bit of the beautiful scenery that Moonaadem transmutes through what I describe as a whole abundance of emotions channelled through high-end black metal artistry. The project itself is newborn and was conceived in Lebanon by an ex. Black Folly member. I don’t have any more background pieces of information, so let me elaborate on why I absolutely adore “Pleine Lune“, the promo track listed below.

What immediately stands out is the striking quality of the overall production and song writing that not only does enchant the listener but invites him on a journey beyond the physical realm. The subtle usage of ambient components building up a thick atmosphere on top of the frostbitten riffs instantly triggers one’s imagination. Furthermore, Moonadem features an amazing example of sinister vocals that perfectly complement the music and set an eerie mood. Another fact worth to mention is the crystal clear sound letting all instruments unleash their full potential. 

The full album will be available as of 15th June. Right now, there is no information if it will come on physical format, so you are welcome to get in touch with Moonaadem on Facebook


Profundum – Come, Holy Death

Next in line is Texas-based duo Profundum featuring members of The Howling Void, Endless Decease and more. The band is on the verge of unleashing their debut by the name of “Come, Holy Death” early this year. I’ve been granted with an opportunity to listen to an excerpt from it, namely “Sentient Shadows” that gives out many reasons to anticipate the full-length eagerly.  

The track itself embodies the feral nature and crushing force of blackened death metal being performed in a stellar manner. In this sense, you would expect a mature production, captivating arrangement and a lot of personality, which are characteristics that “Sentient Shadows” shows off seamlessly. I’d say the backbone of it, though, making the entire composition so vivid, is the deeply expressive symphonies that reek of never ending oppressiveness. So gloom yet graceful, awe-inspiring and uncanny at the same time. “Sentient Shadows” captures a very intense moment projecting what the end of days would be like; when the ominous skies crack wide open and wrath descends wiping off the pillars of human existence. 

With the preview, Profundum promises an album that demonstrates superb quality and a keen eye for details. Furthermore, the maturity of the entire execution is admirable making me even more curious to explore the rest of the yet unpublished track list.

Note: Heathen Tribes will be your main source where you can acquire “Come, Holy Death.” For order inquiries, contact the label on their Facebook page

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Hexen Holocaust – Heretical Dreadful Orgies MCD

Last in the row but surely not the least is a shout dedicated to a new blasphemous alliance emerging from the infernal depths! Hexen Holocaust is a collective act of unearthly brutality featuring members from French bands Necroblood, Impure Ziggurat and Venefixion. The outcome is in the form of dirty, raw and firmly rooted in the oldschool vein blackened death metal assault.

Heretical Dreadful Orgies” comes down to a 19 minute audio desecration super-charged with unstoppable bestiality. Brutal, sickening and unrelenting as this genre should be. For the time being, there is no track list or a final release date announced yet but you can expect the full-length in April via Magister Dixit Records. You can taste an excerpt from it by the name of “Syzygial Deathmass” below. 

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