Two years ago I discovered and published probably the only band from Lebanon on SBM so far, namely Moonaadem. If you think about it, that’s not even your most common place where you would look up bands in general, right? Regardless, one-man act Moonaadem left me with a very good impression back then and today, it happens to be the same. Behold “Néantiste“, the band’s 2nd full-length in its glorious entirety.

Let me be very concise here ’cause you are here only for the stream, anyway. When you mix superb atmosphere, decent compositions and enchanting ambience, you’ve got something valuable to feed your soul upon. “Néantiste” offers that in 12 portions of soothing and melancholic vibe.

As a person with a non highly pretentious character, I got just the right amount of satisfaction from the overall production of this package. The tracks are moving and definitely pushing one to reflect upon existential matters. I assume, Moonaadem is actually all about that but I might be wrong here…

Anyway, if you are the kind of person who prefers the balance between the aggressive and calming nature of black metal, then “Néantiste” will likely serve you well.

Note: “Néantiste” is available only in digital format. You can acquire it via the Bandcamp player below. Other than that, you can always get in touch with Moonaadem on Facebook  for further inquiries.