Monarque’s new 3-piece EP titled “Jusqu’à la Mort” was one of the yesterday’s surprises that hit me in the email box. Frankly, it’s been such a long time since I listened to the releases of this act that it almost feels like exploring a new band.

Although, “Jusqu’à la Mort” comes down to a little over 22 minutes playtime, it most certainly compensates with an outnumbering potential. The Canadian trio has been associated with a superb sense for invoking all-consuming experiences throughout their history and this EP falls no shorter.

With this release, Monarque engages with an enthralling atmosphere and quite a remarkable musicianship. It is more than obvious that these guys know that every minute counts and thus, they made sure to create a very compelling set or arrangements that will keep shivers running down your spine.

If you were to ask me to describe “Jusqu’à la Mort” with a single word, I’d go for beautiful. It is a creation of ferocity and subtle beauty that reaffirms once more that Monarque is a worthy band. Period.

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