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Taking a look back at Moloch’s long discography and development throughout the years, I find myself steadily applauding because of the epic proportions of productivity. This band puts out more and more stuff and one would begin to wonder if it’s possible to catch up. Today’s subject of examination is Moloch’s eleventh piece that bears the title “Verwüstung, meaning “Desolation” – a dedication to Varg Vikernes.

“Verwüstung” is a reflection of the oldschool era but enriched with atmospherics and insanely well done vocals that penetrate into your soul and leave nothing but desolation.  The grim rawness is maintained for less than an hour, excluding the intro and the two instrumentals that put out the fires for a while. “Verwüstung” is meant to illuminate the humanity’s fragility and the conquering negavity in life. It feels like growing fire on the wind that engulfs everything on the way until ashes is what is left. The charm of this record comes with its dynamics. At some point you listen to pure raw black metal, then it shifts into depressive atmospheric direction without causing confusion.

Although the titles of the songs are written in German, the lyrics are in both Old English and Latin. So far they have not been exposed to the public, so one should draw the essence on his own. “Verwüstung” is an excellent follow-up and if you dare to listen to Moloch for the first time, this a good start to begin with.

Human to Dust, release: February 2014
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1. Todesstille
2. Blutmond
3. Spiritueller Selbstmord
4. Negativität
5. Nur der Tod ist wirklich
6. Die Kälte der Ewigkeit
7. Du bist nichts in dieser sterbenden Welt
8. Verwüstung [instrumental]
9. Frédéric François Chopin symphony [instrumental]

Total running time: 01:14:22


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