The music that is capable of making you go into different scenes, stories and experience them as if you were the main character is not a common thing. Music in representation of horror, insanity and hatred towards the living. Written in blood, recorded in shadows –  it’s time for you to enter a genial yet murdering mind. The world of  Morgul.

Before doing anything else, I’d like to give an insight for those who are not familiar with the art of Morgul. Obviously a black metal band coming from the icy lands of Norway, Morgul started out as a duo – Jack D. Ripper / vocals, guitars, bass and keyboards and Hex / drums (1991 – 1999). In the beginning they played raw black metal and later symphonic and industrial elements were added to their musical direction in order to fully convey their thoughts and emotions. Or in other words that was the turning point when Morgul stepped up, went to the next level and became a mark of excellence.

Since 2000 the band has been run by Jack D. Ripper only, being responsible for the entire creative process. There are five full-lengths and two demos up to date and the best part of all is that I’m gonna show you tracks from all of them. Get ready for your nightmares to come true! “Make them bleed, make them hurt!”

Note: The list goes from the latest to the oldest production.

Album: All Dead Here…

Album: Sketch Of Supposed Murderer

Album: The Horror Grandeur

Album: Parody Of The Mass

Album: Lost In Shadows Grey

Demo: In Gowns Flowing Wide

Demo: Vargvinter

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