I wasn’t planning on indulging in any writing or listening sessions during the weekend but the calling…impossible to ignore. If you are a sucker for arts, you know that feeling very well. In that regard, I bumped into an album cover whose unbelievably unremarkable minimalistic nature got the best of my curiosity and so I discovered Lux Morti.

I can’t explain how that happened because I’m a very visually-oriented individual in terms of artworks and this one strikes with very little effort. However, Lux Morti’s debut is a fine example of how beyond the first layer lies a precious gem that you will certainly not want to miss. In fact, it just takes about a minute or so to get hyped very much.

Upon my first playthrough, I felt that there is a force behind this band that seems to have been around in different shape or form. Like an old soul that has been and seen a lot more than a newborn act. Having done my quick research on Metal-Archives, I found out that this coven is fuelled by creatives that are contributing to Swallow the Sun, Alghazanth and Ghost Brigade; names whose is reputation is rightfully acclaimed due to their highly creative works.

Unnoticeably, I continued sinking my teeth deeper into this fresh release to the point that I forgot that I approached with a certain degree of prejudice. So much so that I converted into a somewhat of a passionate fan by the end of the 30-minute cycle.

Lux Morti encompasses a strong set of skills leading to a very mature and engaging overall production that left me very satisfied; which leads me to the reason why I chose the title of this post since these two are merely a few leagues apart of each other!

The debut itself features a well thought-out structure and progression of the songs. There might be a few points that set the fires burn slightly lighter along the line but nothing so damn significant that will turn you off.

Personally, I appreciated greatly the dynamic vocals as well as how those bitter-sweet melodies invoke a menacing presence. Other than that, this opus burns passionately and seems to be purposefully grounded into the traditional vein of this genre; emanating blackness, Northern frost-laden riffs and balanced-out drumming.

Enough with my “wanna be pretentious-like” scribbling… Just give Lux Morti a damn listen!