Woodcut Records have unveiled the date of release of the debut album of Finnish black metallers Lord of Pagathorn. Their 12-piece work that is titled “Necros Philia” is coming in stock in October the 31st as Digi CD and LP Gatefold.  Order your copy at [email protected]. In the meantime, listen to “Chapter VI”  to get yourself warmed up.

Note: Lord of Pagathorn have been active since 1992. Their discography includes three demos and an EP. Their vocalist and drummer Hellwind is also known for taking part in other kickass projects such as Desolate Shrine and The Crescent, which I strongly recommend to get to familiar with.

1. Intro
2. Chapter I Pt.1 “The Asylum Gates” Pt.2 “The Path Leads Astray”
3. Interlude I “Descended Pestilence”
4. Chapter II Pt. 1 “The Unholy Face Of Fate” Pt. 2 “On a Home Soil”
5. Chapter III Pt.1 “Burid Secrets” Pt.2 “Sinister Sister Inn”
6. Chapter IV Pt. 1 “Old Bell Tolls” Pt. 2 “Nocturnal Noora”
7. Intro “The Trap”
8. Chapter V Pt. 1 “Robbing The Breathing” Pt. 2 “My Garden of Eden, Underground Eden”
9. Interlude II “The Beast In Man”
10. Chapter VI Pt. 1 “Full Moon Necrophilia” Pt. 2 “Ritual”
11. Chapter VII Pt. 1 “The Awakening” Pt. 2 “Imprisoned” Pt. 3 “Potion Of Poison”
12. Outro “Necropolis”