Sacrilegium - Anima Lucifera

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A Little Late Premiere: Sacrilegium – Anima Lucifera

With age comes not only wisdom but brutality, as well

I really don’t like it when I miss out on freshly released albums that have plenty of potential. Case in point is the new album of Polish black metallers Sacrilegium and their 2nd full-length “Anima Lucifera.” The album was released on 18 March  by Pagan Records and if you are already familiar with this record label, you should also know that they tend to put out rock solid stuff.

“Anima Lucifera” was born after 20 years of silence and if you recall from other posts of mine, it seems like 2016 is a year of awakening. That’s one more reason to celebrate, if you ask me!

Anyway, if you haven’t heard of this band before, I can tell you that they have evolved tremendously for all these years and with the new album, a new direction was introduced where the primary source of inspiration leans towards occult themes, rather than paganism, which once used to be dominating in their works. 

With age comes not only wisdom but brutality, as well. As I heard “Anima Lucifera” for the first time, I was struck by the intensity and bursting aggression that seems to be up until the end of the tracklist. That does not exclude the beautiful passages of subtle melancholy and mysticism that enrich this record additionally.

Although having been silent for so long, Sacrilegium has not been frozen in time and they clearly demonstrate an exceptional approach of expressing their ideas into darkened tunes. By the way, these guys originate from Poland and I believe that you’ll agree with me that most of what has ever been conceived in these fertile lands is simply amazing. 

Listen to all tracks below and if you are a collector, you can order your copy HERE. More information and updates from SacrilegiumHERE

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