Due to many circumstances, I kind of missed to present this great release on time, so please spare me. Ende’s sophomore album is a very special record that I personally expected for a long time and I do hope that you’ll get to like it as mich as I do. “The Rebith of I” embodies the raw nature of black metal with a pinch of ambience, which I find it to be a trademark for I.Luciferia’s (mastermind of Ende and Reverence) projects. Unfortunately, I did not find an official media release on Bandcamp or Soundcloud and I had to pick the one on Youtube that has been uploaded by Black Metal Promotion. Go check it out and if you want an issue of “The Rebirth of I”, make sure to purchase one on Ende’s official bandcamp HERE.

Note: “The Rebirth of I” is available on pro-tape and CD format.