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More details about Dimholt’s debut Liberation Funeral

Bulgarian band Dimholt finished work on its debut full-length album entitled “Liberation Funeral”. The recordgins took place at Sub Zero Studio in Sofia with the help of Nikolay Berberov. The final sound shaping was done with the help of Thomas “TT” Tannenberger of Austrian black metal legends Abigor.

“Liberation Funeral” will include 10 songs in the following order:
1. Blindead
2. The Neverhealing Wound
3. Chaos Reborn
4. The Shades Of Night
5. Black Horizon
6. In Tombs
7. Armageddon
8. Ruins
9.  …At The End…
10. Theodicy

Cover artowork by Stanimir Stanchev and “Illogical Conversions Studio”. A teaser with excerpts from all tracks can be seen below.  The album is due to be released in March with a particular release date yet to be set. Make sure to follow Dimholt on Facebook.

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