Goods news seems to be piling up every second. Although, it is tough to catch up with all of them, I’ll make up with a massive update today. We’ve already seen great lineups emerging out of nowhere such as Mastrod. Things get even better! Osmose Productions announced the upcoming album of the serpent order Liber Null.

Liber Null is an obscure coven that features members of Blut aus Nord, Acherontas and Frostmoon Eclipse. On 25 November they will unleash their debut album “I – The Serpent” –  a 6-piece track list filled with dogma-shattering hymns in the vein of Marduk and Watain.

In its essence, “I – The Serpent” paints a vivid picture of the false earthly existence wherein it is the main figure of opposition against man and its creation. With an unshakeable will to erase the Self, Liber Null set off on a devastating voyage to reinvent the mechanics of this world. 

Find out cover artwork, complete track list and a teaser below.

Liber Null - I - The Serpent

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Track list:

1. The Unrepenting Son
2. Below and Beyond
3. I – The Serpent
4. Dereliction
5. Unholy Cosmogony
6. The Heretic’s Tongue


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