Today is a special day or more like a feast of epic proportions for three main reasons. One, it’s been a couple of months since the last CD recommendation. Two, the albums that I have prepared are both coming from bands that are young yet killing it right off the bat. Three, I am talking about stuff released by LADLO Productions, which on its own gives a fair amount of certainty that this post is worth investing time into. Without further due, allow me to introduce Au-Dessus and Time Lurker. Names that I honestly hope that we will bump into more over time, as well.

Au-Dessus – End of Chapter


If I am to show off a heat map with the countries where I mostly visit speaking of new music, Lithuania would be on the cold. However, fellows like Au-Dessus blew me away with their debut full-length and made me think of what else I could dig up from the Baltic countries that is as fruitful as this one. Anyway, in 2014 this 5-piece legion emerged in Vilnius and unleashed a self-titled EP that earned much praise in the following year. I myself got familiar with Au-Dessus when I was introduced to “End of Chapter“, though. Somehow, it spoke to me shortly after the 1st track ended and then I began seeing it in its majestic beauty.

Speaking of first impression, LADLO Productions have always presented their merch in the best possible manner. In this sense, professionally executed packaging, visually appealing graphics and music quality that is high enough even for the most pretentious ears. All of the aforementioned qualities apply for “End of Chapter” to say that very least. You see, this album bursts with drive, magnetism and creativity so powerful and genuine. A well-rounded debut featuring 7 tracks of outstanding merit and professionalism as if you are listening to a band with a long history and discography as some of nowadays giants in extreme metal. Although, this album does not bring innovation to the table, it certainly leads the listener into a higher realm of the post-black metal sub-genre. The one that touches you deeper and scars your soul for eternity.

What makes “End of Chapter” so intriguing is the incredible notion of detail. It is a multi-faceted piece of art where compositions have a thick texture wherein down at its core lies an emotional supremacy that defies the boundaries of the mind. Mind you, alongside a tide of aggressiveness persists throughout the span of 46 minutes resulting in a variety of twists. At times Au-Dessus appears to have incorporated elements of complete and utter lunacy that gradually shifts to a mellow yet bitter form of extremity.

…as if experiencing the mental torture of a soul condemned to reside between life and death. Alone, cold, shapeless in nothingness forsaken.

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Time Lurker – S/T

Time Lurker / Support Black MetalCrippling shadows, fear unleashed from the cosmic gate of chaos. Time Lurker – an entity that is channeled through the mysterious French artist Mick who manifests vile forces into this world with the sole purpose of purifying humanity’s endless stigma. Born in 2014,  rather infamous until the self-titled full-length emerged above the surface and spread like the Black Plague itself. This release offers epic proportions of disturbing moments and crushing intensity. I grant you the key, so would you to take a peek beyond the gate?

As most (if not all) releases by LADLO Productions, Time Lurker heavily relies on atmospheric ingredients setting a massively oppressive mood. An integral part accompanying all tracks is the uncanny sinister presence that slowly materialises and amplifies the horror factor minute by minute until you reach the mind-shattering climax. But what makes this debut so fascinating, though?

Again, we’ve got an amazing artwork that perfectly fits the contents inside in every fashion. It just feels nice to have this CD in your hands and gaze into the beautiful illustration that perfectly complements the music. Beyond the strokes of ink however, a cosmic beast of an album lurks. The one that could easily inspire visions of Lovecraftian nightmares coming to live. In the midst of the cosmic apocalypse raging in the span of 48 minutes, there is beauty that will keep you glued to your headphones. Despite the simplicity of the instrumentals, I particularly enjoyed the abundance of emotional outbursts that are due to excellent craftsmanship and carefully thought out arrangements evoking sinister imagery. 

Time Lurker’s debut offers a deep experience beyond the veil of sanity where light is no more and only fear is the feeling that keeps persisting until you are totally given up to darkness. It is a decent atmospheric black metal album of high quality, vision and integrity. I especially recommend it to people who are into the darkest shades of this genre for there’s a whole abundance of them. Enjoy!

Note: If you happen to be a gamer, you should try the following formula. Run for a few hours Outlast 2 and then put on Time Lurker for an extra degree of horror. You will not regret it, I assure you.

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