Sunshine and Lollipops?! What’s happening in here? Before going on a rampage with me, please allow me to explain. Today’s CD presentation is by far amongst the most weirdly awesome and equally challenging pieces of material. You are going be held in awe, then driven to wild headbanging and lastly have fun. I’d like to express my special regards to Bleeding Heart Nihilist Productions for the albums below.

Animo Aeger, Siniestro and Sunshine and Lollipops CD presentation

Animo Aeger – KotzeAdel | Soundcloud| Order CD

Animo Aeger - KotzeAdel

Animo Aeger is one of those bands shrouded in deep mystery that I have had the pleasure to connect to, not only through their music but also an interview dating back to 2015. Anyway, the German duo returns with a 3rd full-length, namely “KotzeAdel” that has got everything it takes to be a successor.

On the side note, I have noticed a pattern when it comes to the artworks coming along with every following release. No matter what album you point at, the cover artwork is frighteningly unattractive and by all means does not reflect the quality of the actual music. That said, when it comes to Animo Aeger, don’t judge by the cover of the book for the music these guys have released so far is astonishing! It’s just the poor presentation of the physical package that can easily steer away one’s attention from gems like this.

Nevertheless, what we have in here is a track list of 7 songs with a total of nearly 39 minutes lunacy. In case you are not familiar with their previous releases, well, it is a trademark of theirs to put out totally deranged music. The basis is, of course black metal, which is heavily implied on the vocal part, the fast’n furious passages and the overall brutality of the instrumentalship. Still, “KotzeAdel” also borrows ingredients from punk and extreme metal with a major twist towards its experimental form.

Having a good grasp at structuring and breaking compositions, Animo Aeger managed to create an album that is challenging, thus interesting and even weird, if you will. At times, the vocals will play around with your sanity, then frighten you to an unimaginable degree and later calm you down until the madness re-surges again. On the other hand, the instrumental components bounce between an aggressive stance and a state of mid-paced-carried-away sounding.

Last but not the least, is the admirable production. Each instrument manages to shine through and co-relate to the rest without hassle. Thus, you will be fully able to enjoy & examine each aspect of this record with enormous pleasure. If you are bold enough to leave your comfort zone every once in a while in the quest for a refreshing change, why not start with “KotzeAdel“?



Siniestro – Revelations in Mayhem | Facebook| Order CD


Next in line are Swedish suspects Siniestro who unleashed their debut “Revelations in Mayhem” last year. The band was founded in 2012, though according to Metal-Archives, it had been active under the moniker Graverape Ritual beforehand. Without further due, let’s look what’s inside this package!

Revelations in Mayhem” packs 8 short but wrathful tracks that sum up 32 minutes of headbang time. While mostly focused on the thrashy/punk vein, it also pays homage to the black metal underground, wherein a bunch of sweeping tremolo riffs stand out and contribute to the dark nature of the album. Despite those represent just a small fraction, it definitely makes a huge difference as to impacting the overall atmosphere, thus sounding distinctively more sinister at times.

At the very beginning, it became obvious to me that Siniestro did strive to achieve the best of the best when it comes to the entire production of their debut. The final outcome feels so crisp, organic and completely stripped off of any modern sophisticated approaches that bands of tomorrow depend on heavily. In fact, you get a straightforward sonic assault right in your face done the underground way; meaning there is no a load of bells and whistles but just darkness, wrath and crushing intensity in a completely honest manner. WAAAH! 

Revelations in Mayhem” is fuelled by explosive drive that will easily awaken the rebel inside you. As mentioned above, the thrash & punk influences dominate for the most of the play time enveloping pummeling rhythms hyper-charged with infectious anger and disgust. Like a machine gun shooting down every fucking form of existence that contributes to the degradation of society, the sweeping riffs and devastating drumming spread nothing short but violent destruction. It’s simply too hard to resist from headbanging as hell. 

For more of Siniestro, check out their Youtube channel where more tracks are available for streaming. 

Sunshine and Lollipops – Empty (Always Look on the Dull Side) | Facebook | Order CD

Sunshine-Lollipops -Empty-Always-Look-Dull-Side

There is something hilarious about Nifelheim and it most certainly has to do with their stage outlook. Apparently, German duo Sunshine and Lollipops are also on the same page, which is why I believe they chose to portray themselves so strikingly akin to the Swedes. Let’s face it, black metal does have a whole bunch of examples worth to mock all day long due to countless clichés emerging from every corner of the globe. However, let’s see what this band is all about.

Sunshine & Lollipops is an artistic statement against the status quo and life in general, established 2012 in Berlin, Germany, inspired by early black metal and the works of Arthur Schopenhauer and Albert Camus. S&L propagates the paradox of anarchy as a way to overcome society and nihilism as a way to overcome individualism. / quoted from Bandcamp

Having released an EP and a split, these guys achieved a significant milestone in 2016 by putting out their debut full-length “Empty (Always Look on the Dull Side)“; a pack of 8 tracks with a total duration of 42 minutes weird awesomeness. Why weird, though? Well, I always had this parody thing encompassing the band’s nature back on my mind at the beginning, but these thoughts quickly vanished as the album progressed into a somewhat professionally executed record that’s got a plentiful of stuff to praise. 

For instance, the quality of the arrangements is very intriguing offering four main layers of stylistic approaches mashed into one, including thrash, black metal, punk and crust. Although, this combo may look dubious at first sight, Sunshine and Lollipops will prove you that when done right, the final result is worth a lot more than expected. And believe me, I had lots of doubts if I’d enjoy this one…

The fundamental components building this album are balanced and flow coherently, so the shift between the above mentioned genres is not irritating but actually natural. What stands out right off the bat is the excellent grasp of style interpretation the variations coming along, making this near 1 hour ride charming in its own special way. 

Another highlight of the album relates to the superior mastering giving the listener enough freedom to get deeper into each individual instrumental part and harvest as much as desired. 

Empty (Always Look on the Dull Side)” is a huge “I don’t give a fuck, I’ll do what I fucking want” statement, similar to the work of Swedish rebels Siniestro. These guys obviously had a ton of fun writing and composing this album and the enjoyment out of this journey can be easily picked up thanks to the amazing quality of the end result. Edgy, careless and bold to say things the way they are, Sunshine and Lollipops’ debut is your break away from the dull side of reality. 

My ass is out on the streets, drunk and disorderly
I am not ashamed of my poverty
Their status is bullshit, their school degrees
Their superficial power, their hypocrisy / taken rom the lyrics of  “The Solemn Resentment of the Peasant”