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A little late premiere: The Negation – Memento Mori

As I promised in a short post on Google+, it’s time to reveal the name of the mysterious band from the picture you see above plus tracks to digest. I recently found an act called The Negation from France and I dared to check out their latest work titled “Memento Mori”, a quite common name, I’d say. Nevertheless, to my huge surprise, as soon as I hit the play button, I was brutally assaulted by an unstoppable nihilistic force that I will remember for years to come. The Negation have embodied the most severe forms of hatred, rage and total desolation mashed into one piece of an album that is probably one of the heaviest examples of black metal nowadays. If you dare to take a glimpse at the darkest depths that are channeled through “Memento Mori”, feel free to check out the two tracks at your own risk below.

If you have convinced yourself that this album is a must-have (and I am almost certain that you have), you can order your copy HERE. Also, The Negation are on Facebook, so you can follow them HERE. For full streaming of “Memento Mori”, scroll to the bottom of the article.

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