Korgonthurus - Vuohen siunaus

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Full streaming: Korgonthurus – Vuohen siunaus

I’ve been following closely the development around Korgonthurus’ new album  and today I would like to present its shining majesty to all SBM followers. “Vuohen siunaus” is the band’s sophomore full-length, which was released in May 27th through Finnish record label Woodcut Records. They have made available the complete tracklist for free streaming below. 

Korgonthurus features one hell of a lineup including 3 members of  Totalselfhatred. What sets the band apart from the rest underground black metal bands is the unique and insane vocals of Corvus. Apparently with age, this guy grows from good to insanely badass! His vocal approach amplifies the cold, northern style the band plays in, making it absolutely unmistakable. 

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