I personally didn’t. Furthermore, it turns out that Celestia has unleashed a full-length after 7 years of silence! How about that? Even though, I am just 2 months fallen behind this news, I couldn’t resist from spreading the word about it. 

Aetherra“, the band’s 4th major release brings 10 songs of infectious melancholy and dark romanticism on a hot dish. I haven’t had that much time to go in-depth and fully explore this release inside out, mind you. However, judging by what I heard so far, I definitely recommend to let yourself some room for “Aetherra” and enjoy it to the fullest. 

Now, for those of you who are a tad bit curious there is an extra detail. Celestia declared their split-up status in 2015. I haven’t managed to dig out an official statement explaining why but given that Noktu (vocals & guitars) was very busy with Mortifera at that point, it may not come as surprise. Anyway, focus on the real stuff and play the hell outta the Bandcamp player below.

Note: Released through Drakkar Productions / Apparitia Recordings on 31st October 2017. | Order CD