Russian black metal band Khaos Labyrinth share a few words about their new album Khaos Kvlt | Path to Nihil and other interesting facts about their craft.

Hailz! It’s been two years since your debut album “Renessans XIII” appeared and you are already on the verge of releasing your sophomore record. Tell me more about it and how much has Khaos Labyrinth changed over the years?

Hail Satan, brothers. Renessans XIII was released as a report for the path from 2008 to 2013. That time the band was monumentally different. We’ve changed. Evoluted. Became better, stronger, wiser. We were recording Renessans XIII by different teams during three years. So to say home-made – switching on guitars via linear input on motherboard. KAOS KVLT | Path To Nihil reflects our two year changes. It is a serious work done by solid organism encouraged by one idea. It is serious satanism without flash and show-off. Presently I’ve shared Kaos Path for two years with two great friends – Watcher and Beorn – who’ve greatly contributed to our joined project and have given a big impetus to Khaos Labyrinth.

I’ve read on your website that some of the inspiration you’ve drawn during the writing stages is from people like Stephen Hawking and Brian Greene. Could you unveil more about Khaos Kvlt | Path to Nihil’s lyrical direction and how you blended astro-physics and anti-christianity?

I wouldn’t say it is a blend. It’s a revision of the path which others have already gone. It’s our personal vision and our personal investigation in which Satanism and astrophysics complement each other.

KAOS KVLT is the result of long study of Left-hand path and other kinds of satanism. Space and time study at cosmic scale enabled us to sort out and remove all irrelative brought by those who instead of personal growth, want to invert bible.

Most of our ideas corelate with accepted theories and are 100% operational. At the final stage of writing lyrics for the album I read Brian Green “Elegant Universe”. His strings theory became the last element which helped to realise anti-cosmic KAOS greatness.


I have to admit that I like a lot the cover artwork of Khaos Kvlt | Path to Nihil. Can you break it down to bits and explain its meanings?

In fact, it is the cumulative message of the album. A man casts of illusions, fraud and religion and combats all restrictions. The final stage in the prison frame of flesh is the path to new transcendental level – beyond universe – to aeolian Nihil. To eternal Kaos.

Have any Russian bands from around your “neighbourhood” influenced your style? If yes, could you recommend some of them?

I can recommend you only three really black metal bands, who use not fake ideas – It is Todestriebe, Sect and our war-brothers – Fimbulvinter from Saint Petersburg.

Black metal is associated with knowledge and practising of dark arts as well as waging a war against glamorous blatancy and religions, generally speaking, of course. To what extend this applies to Khaos Labyrinth? What message do you aim to carry out ultimately?

For me, it is mostly investigation and search of knowledge. If we wage war it is the war against absurdity and ignorance. Religion definitely belongs there. Our aim is absolute knowledge provided by eternal Kaos. Black flame burns in each of us. Lucifer lights the path of a man to the borders of the universe which will be swept away by blind dragon Tanini’ver. For ordinary people it will look like a gravitation collapse of the universe.

Are you completely and utterly dedicated to producing music and the idea of living for spreading art?

Most of my life is connected with the band and satanic investigations. For me it is the of life that is the basis for my future.

I am very thankful for your time. It’s your turn to end this session.

Thank you for questions. It was my pleasure to talk to you. Hail Kaos. Hail Satan.

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