In this brand new installment SBM presents Polish undeground record label Old Temple and its mastermind Eryk. In between the answers there is music available for streaming, which is produced by this institution, so make sure to check it out, as well.

Hello Eryk! Thanks for spending some of your time to answer my short list of questions. How are you doing nowadays?

Hi. I think it’s I who should thank you for the opportunity to present in interview . Thank you, I’m not complaining, all good with health. Liver still manage and pee straight hehe.

Could you present your record label Old Temple briefly?

My release is related to underground metal from all over world in 100%. I focus on release hordes from death and black metal circle. Of course, other kinds of metal are not strange to me, which is sometimes seen in my releases. Old Temple is 100% my own person and no one more. Of course there is a group of people that support me etc, but they are not employees.

What makes Old Temple a unique record label? For example, does it have some specific cause that it stands for, values and such?

I do not know if Old Temple is a unique label. I try to work on so much as far as I have strength, ideas and financial resources. I am honest with bands what I release and majority I have a really great relationship with bands from my label. Maybe my beginning as a label – that is, custom packaging for CD-R and CD later – proved my uniqueness, but I leave this quite a long time from many reasons.

You are primarily focused on releasing Polish black and death metal. What’s the main reason behind this choice? Have you considered to work actively with bands from other countries around the world?

It is not quite true that I release mostly bands from Poland. Of course, we live in one country and it is easy to contact, but it release bands not only from Poland. For several years, I am heavily engaged in the releasing hordes from South America – mainly from Chile. I have a very strong feeling those bands have in itself unique, amazing, original, uncompromising playing strength of the underground fucking metal. It made me very attracted to then scene. This primitiveness, purity, what once constituted and distinguished metal from other styles of music from the mid 80s or the beginning 90s. It simple and direct music hit straight in the face without wrapping beat about the bush. Then a lot of bands have lost it and it have been turning many strange turns which are not always cool and we strange some pseudo metal creations. In the end, what we love bands like BATHORY, POSSESSED, KREATOR, MORBID ANGEL, SARCOFAGO, DEATH?

I assume you have a set of requirements for bands to be considered to join Old Temple. What’s the criteria you evaluate a band on?

I do not have requirements. I’m not interested ability to play on instruments band members, how they look, what they do in private. These are personal matters each of us. I’m interested in music as a whole – texts, sounds, cover graphics. The second factor is some common approach to CDs release, underground metal, similar thinking about these things. I like to have good contact with the band, to get along on these questions than thenhave to each other any claim. You know, I mean a some kind of mentality, chemistry between the publisher and the band. Then it all somehow good dovetail and it is good.

How do you feel about the recently produced extreme metal albums? To be more spefic, what do you think of black metal’s development?

The current scene is huge. There are millions of bands and thousands of publishers. Each metal type, variety, connections, hybrids make you find right band for youself . Musically you have what you want from raw primitive black metal after the pampered, sweet, playing some power metal about dragons and knights – I would not listen to this shit hehe . I think, that today’s times and development of metal scene goes with diversity. It’s hard to talk about approach to change the whole scene in black metal. Black metal scene develops in many directions. The newest fashion is more modern play with different influences and is segregated as the post-black metal or something like that. Some time ago it was fashionable to play depressive black metal with doom and ambient / industrial elements. Of course there are, the radicals and they constantly go totally raw, simple, even primitive black metal . I think that the current black metal scene is doing very well. There is no sense to compared what has happened 30 years ago, 15 years ago or today. It is very different times, different mentality , different youth. You have to focus on the music and not on matters of tertiary type what, who, with whom, and how looks at work. As I wrote earlier, everyone will find something interesting if he wants to look.

I cannot help myself but ask you to recommend one black metal album that has blown your mind and was released in 2015?

And now I have problem, this is music not competition. I can recommend a few:

Infernal War – “Axiom”,  Mgla – “Exercises in Futility”,  Revenge – “Behold.Total.Rejection”, Cien – “Ecce Homo”, Black Witchery / Revenge – “Holocaustic Death March to Humanity’s Doom” split,  Leviathan – “Scar Sighted”,  Chaos Echoes – “Transient”

Are you currently signing new bands? If yes, what would be your advice to a band that is currently looking for a label?

All the time I’m looking for bands. I have no guidelines. If someone reports it Enough if he send file with the music, brief information and if I like it all things go their course . If I do not like it we break up fast hehe.

What are your plans for Old Temple in the future and what should we expect in 2016?

Of course, future death and black metal releases. I am also planning several re-issues of my old releases. I have big plans, but time will tell whether thighs to realize them.

You are now entitled to end this interview as you want.

Thanks for the opportunity to present my label. Listen to music and live it, do ones bit and a litigant and fools chipping themselves. Remember that the metal underground that is what you hold in your hand: magazines, zines, CD, cassette, vinyl, concerts not internet. Eryk