Forgotten Path zine, a very underground and as of now quite respected by me institution, has not only given voice of countless bands on paper, but also tried their chances in expanding as a record label. They have put up a stage, so to speak, for one band in particular that has brought me multiple eargasms and turned me into a devoted fan of their work at once. The Lithuanian quartet Inquisitor has been the newest treasure that I have dug up and honestly, I feel so damn rich because their music is enlightening.

Blessed are those who submerge into heedless existence

Inqusitor’s existence dates back to 2002, though their initial record appeared two years later as a demo. I have had an opportunity to enjoy while studying their complex work titled “Clinamen | Episteme”; a junction that leads to unearthly pleasures for the mind, heart, soul and the inner self that seems to be in a deep slumber concerning the majority of the living. I can begin describing their sophomore full-length as a mind opener and definitely a cliche breaker when it comes to black metal as most musicians strive to produce. Inqusitor did sow a seed of blackness in their advanced style of interpreting multi-layered compositions but most certainly didn’t choose to walk the well-trodden path. They have bodly unfolded their talents that shaped an album that will always have a spot in my heart.

This Lithuanian quartet that challenged me to cateogorize by genre, have blended the harsh nature of black metal as it is meant to be, pushed further in a technical manner by incorporating a heavy dose of progressive vibe and avant-garde note. “Clinamen | Episteme” is a killer 43 minute ride of awesomeness that teaches a lesson in making high quality music; originally and inteligently. Originally – they did not fear to experiment and let their vision guide them into the dark as they harvested what the uknown bears. Inteligently – masterful song writing, musicianship and production. Unifying both their enormous talents and inspirations from various sources that do not come down to music only. This is how “Clinamen | Episteme” was born and is meant to heard by those who are willing to open their senses wide and engulf  knowledge in tunes.

“Clinamen | Episteme” is arguably one of the best 2014 albums that I found and it’s very unfortunate that I could not honor it with a spot in the past’s years top releases. Nonetheless, it’s never too late to appreciate and acquire this treasure and examine it day by day. You’ll be surprised how everytime it gives more and more and its magick on you will fasten its grip unnoticeably. From the progressive stage to the avant-garde sounding, all the way to passionate melodic passages that make one draw the final conclusion in an overly excited mood “This is why I love black fucking metal.” Well, guys, this is how it affected me and if my words are not comprehensive enough, I guess you should turn your damned speakers and blast the hell out of “Clinamen | Episteme!” Enjoy the ride to the full extend!

InquisitorClinamen | Episteme
Forgotten Path Records, release: 01.12.2014
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1. Hearken, Memmius!
2. Hence the Mouthful of Time
3. Quae Sint…
4. Evidence. The Inexorable Dowry
5. Of Waters and Circling Thetis
6. Peri Hermeneias

Total running time: 43:57


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