One way to consider your day as lucky is when you stumble upon a band that has literally come out of the blue and kicks major ass. In my case, I received a package from Mortis Humanae Productions with an unknown to me French band that turmed out to be a precious gem. I’ve mentioned in other album dissections that sometimes the quality of an artwork reveals whether the music is worth it or not. Incipient Chaos’s debut EP “Sulphur” falls under that category. An excellent piece of art that makes you buy the CD just for the sake of having it in your hands and endlessly stare at the booklet.

This is how the album opens and then follows a storm of unrelenting devouring chaos. With a total duration of 29 minutes, “Sulphur” expands on black metal with an avant-garde approach quite successfully. For a first ever release, this mini album is produced very well. The instrumentalism is advanced and offers variations; it’s not possible to get bored. The vocals are executed perfectly and spit words of hatred continuously making the whole outcome quite intense. “Sulphur” brings down the cosmic chaos on you and hitting the replay button is inevitable.

The sound quality shows yet another angle where you can see how much work is put into “Sulphur”. It’s a pleasure to listen to, look at and feel this chaotic piece of  fine French black metal. Incipient Chaos have set the bars really high for a debut and I cannot wait to see what the next outcome will be.

Incipient ChaosSulphur
Mortis Humanae Productions, release: 30.07.2014
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1. We Live
2. Redemption by Lie
3. War . Blood . Flesh
4. Black Hate
5. Sulphur

Total running time: 28:29