It’s Monday and you probably hate the entire world right now but let me try to brighten your mood a little. It’s been quite some time since I published blackened death metal stuff and the time has come to break the silence in a very crushing manner! Behold Impure Ziggurat – a French black/death metal act whose craft weaves around lost civilisations and astrosophy. 

This quartet (featuring members of Svart Crown and Necroblood) was conceived back in 2012, however their very first recording came to life approximately 3 years later. In 30th September 2016, Impure Ziggurat will unleash their debut EP bearing the title “Serenades of Astral Malevolence“; a 3 piece 7” vinyl that is to be released by Magister Dixit. Check out the complete tracklist as well as promo song of the upcoming EP below. 

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1. Teleos Eniautos
2. Convocation of M64 Abominations (Abhorrent Portal of Flesh, Collapsed)
3. Summoning Oort’s Semen (Crawling into the Serpents’ Nest)

Note: “Serenades of Astral Malevolence” is limited to 250 copies only. As of now, pre-ordering is not available. 

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