It’s been such a draining week at work and I am really happy that is over cause I barely had any time to recharge the batteries. In other words, listen to some quality black fucking metal, of course. To make up for the silence in the past days, I have a new mind-boggling release to show off by my friends of Idolatry. You may (or not) remember the band from this article featuring a music video from their split with Unrest titled “Infection Born of Ending.”

Idolatry have reached a new milestone as they officially released their debut full-length “Visions from the Throne of Eyes” on 25th of March. I know, I am late, however, if you have missed on listening to this album, make the correction now! This purely blackened gem enshrouded by blackness and obscurity is so captivating that it can get under the thickest skin from the very beginning. It is both awe-inspiring and so beautiful that you cannot take your eyes off of it. Go give it a spin and in case you are as obsessed to collect CDs as me, you can purchase your copy of “Visions from the Throne of Eyes” on Humanity’s Plague Productions’ Facebook page

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