Hukutus is a Finnish collective that I’ve had the pleasure to follow along since 2016 and today, it reached a significant milestone. The band has officially inked a deal with My Fate Music who are going to release their debut album titled “Oksitosiini“. Here is what they say about it:

Chasing the soma-dragon, only to capture a dose of oxytocin. This is no narrative, it’s a bundle of wayward paths – towards dead-ends, into forsaken shrines, from the sham of gnosis, into empty darkness, to reach a hated tomb. A sworn devotion is a madman’s oath. There is no integrity, the eight fragmented chapters are merely means to an end. Be it religion, nihilism, political ideology, substance abuse, sexual fervour or asceticism. It is not what one finds, but what is exorcised. The Devil is in the details. The fear of fright behind the surface of the mirror. Your true darkness. Your oxytocin.

Oksitosiini” can be pre-ordered as of today, though the official release date is set for 27 April 2018. In addition, you can already taste the exclusive single “Koitus” as well as download 2 tracks off the track list via the Soundcloud link below. No more ramblings, so enjoy this transmutating experience! 

Track list:

1. Ave Mariana
2. Nadiirit
3. Koitus
4. Se Seisoo
5. Tapa Itse
6. Metsä Ja Yö
7. Abstra-Ka-Dabra
8. Jokainen Hautaa Omansa

Note: You can learn more about Hukutus through the following interview, which I conducted a few years ago.  

Follow Hukutus on Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram | Homepage / Download for free “Nadiirit” and “Metsä Ja Yö” on Soundcloud 


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