As promised in the first part of “Hryre recommends”, guitarist Nathan Patchett has collected and brought to your attention a small batch of favorite albums that were released in 2015. See them below.

Myrkur- M

This lady has had a lot of hate directed towards her and its absolutely appalling! There have been a lot of people complaining that this isn’t “true” black metal but what is “true” black metal anyway? If it sounds good then it’s good. This album captivated me from the first listen and is one of those albums that I can listen to over and over again and not lose interest. Amalie Bruun’s singing is beautiful and in terms of her screams and growls, she can give any male vocalist in the genre a good run for their money. The music is enchanting, with beautifully layered compositions that are enhanced by the wonderful production of Kristofer Rygg. Hands down, my favourite black metal release of 2015.

Krallice- Ygg Hur

If you haven’t listened to Krallice before then you need to do so. These are another progressive black metal band from New York that also have a slight technical edge which at times gives them a sound akin to a black metal Dillinger Escape Plan!

Chiral – The Night Sky

This is another one of those albums that can be listened to over and over again and not become stale. The use of acoustic passages create a sense of calm and a bit of respite from the overall intensity of the album, and the bluesy lead sections and harmonised passages are, for me, the icing on the cake.

Amiensus- Ascension

Yet another great band from the United States. On Ascension, Amiensus have created an album with an eclectic mix of genres from black metal and death metal, to gothic and folk music that combines shrieks and growls with pleasant clean vocals that create an album that is both heavy yet melodic.