Everytime I stumble upon an underground/newborn black metal act that kicks major ass is considered a lucky day. Today is such a day because I finally heard new & impressive stuff from the UK. To be honest it’s been a while and as one would say “it was about time!” Hryre declared their existence in early 2013. The band is represented by Rick Millington – vocals, guitar and bass, Nathan Patchett – guitar & bass, Gareth Hodgson – drums and Michael Blenkarn – keyboards (guest appearance).

Yesterday the band announced their official Facebook page followed by a song from their first EP titled “Deaþ Þurhfaran Eftboren – Heretéam fram Anweald” commonly known as “Devastation of Empires.” Shortly after that the band won me as their fan for a reason. To understand me better, let me elaborate. There are songs that you instantly fall in love with at first listen, right? Well, from my perspective “Devastation of Empires” is one of those engaging ones that you can’t have enough of. 

I highly appreciate the individuality of Hryre because they boldly stepped out of the infernal kingdom (or in other words no satanic-related themes) and took a different direction. The one that will establish a unique style of theirs, which I am looking forward to explore eventually. Furthermore, Hryre’s music is focused towards spirituality, ancient heritage and individualism. You can listen to “Devastation Of Empires” below and share your opinion. More details are on the way.