Russian bm scene captured my attention long time ago. There are many names that shall always have a reserved place in my playlist among which are Ashen Light, Stigmatic Chorus and Black Shadow. However, as going deeper in the Russian underground, I stumbled upon a priceless treasure that happened to be recently (so to speak) released. To be honest, before hearing Whirlwind of Wild Hunt, I hadn’t heard of Heresiarch Seminary and as soon as I did, I basically added yet another Russian band to my modest fav list.

The current lineup of Heresiarch Seminary is represented by Nightmare – all music, lyrics, strings and vocals (til 2012), S.B. – drums and Njal – bass and vocals. The entire recording process of Whirlwind of Wild Hunt was during the Autumn of 2012 until Winter 2013. The band calls their style blackened pagan / atmospheric metal. At the recording stage of the album only Nightmare and Priest (drums and arrangements) were present.

The instrumental of this album feels like winter breeze- it is fresh, caresses your senses and you surely love it. It’s easy to swallow and keeps you involved all the way til the end. Somewhat romantic in certain moments, generally gentle and inspires beautiful landscapes of darkened forests lit by the Moon where ceremonies of atrocities are held. Contrary to the music, the lyrics stand out with brutality and evilness and when put together they shape a beautiful nightmare, a grandeur in horror.

The mastering of Nightmare‘s vocals led to an interesting effect making them obscured and thus invokes mysterious sensation. As if the flames spoke; a distant voice coming straight from the Inferno that drove more madness into the fiendish servants who purged the ones that were marked by the “holy” cross. Bloody music characterized by mid-tempo, which brings me to the drumming by Priest – smooth and perfectly fitting the rest components of this album. I could not pass by the outstanding quality of the sound. It is obvious how much effort was put into it to make it this clean and appealing.

Whirlwind of Wild Hunt was produced with a lot of care, passion and dedication. This is why I loved it at first listen and followed up many more. It is beautiful ( no worries, it is black metal enough), dark and inspiring. A good start for those of you who are not familiar with the band or russian black metal scene in general. However, you can be the judge yourself as you try out their song “Wolf and Serpent”, which is right below.

Note: Changed name to Pagan Sanctuary as of 2014

Heresiarch SeminaryWhirlwind of Wild Hunt
Apocalyptic Art, release: 26.09.2013
Changed name to Pagan Sanctuary as of 2014
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1. In the Night of Retaliation
2. Whirlwind of Wild Hunt
3. The Coven
4. Ceremony of Atrocities
5. Banners of War and Chaos
6. Hordes of the Winter Wolves Pt.II
7. Wolf and Serpent

Total running time: 56:38