This time unlike any other, I went overseas (figuratevely speaking) to seek for something that eventually reminded me what a big part and influnce is music in my life. It does sound pretty big and it is so for what I have discovered in my journey to America hasn’t just blown me away… It has given me a whole another perspective of the darkly beauty, charm and also how underrated the US underground BM is.

“Dedicated to the souls, hearts and minds rotting under urban decay. All this suffering is not enough for our existence.”

Hercyn is a New Jearsey based quartet who define their style as atmospheric black metal. Frankly, I must say that I disagree with that specification because their music surpasses any categories, sub-genres, etc. I’ve come to this conclusion ever since I began getting to know their debut demo “Magda”.

“Magda” consists of a single self titled song with a duration over 23 minutes. The foundation that Hercyn built their style upon is black metal but improved with other genres such as post-rock, doom, folk and atmospheric metal. Thus, in my humble opinion, Hercyn achieved what many could not; to make themselves stand out with an original sounding. “Magda” is a unique blend of dense atmosphere and an advanced musicianship. And that is just their first attemp. What if I told you that recently Hercyn released a split? More about it below. Now check out “Magda” and hopefully appreciate it as much as I did.

Bandcamp note: You can download “Magda” for free as you type in 0$ Buy Now.

Hercyn – Magda
Independed, release: 23.09.2013
Order CD | Homepage | Facebook

1. Magda

Total running time: 23:56

Now let’s jump into Hercyn’s brand new material “All This Suffering Is Not Enough”. This is a split with Thera Roya; a US sludge/post metal band. Although it came to me as an unusual combination of genres, it got under my skin in a couple of spins. “All This Suffering Is Not Enough” is a two-tracks split that clocks at 23 minutes. Thera Roya set the beginning with a very oppressive mood that unfolds in every following minute and turns into madness driven by soul pain. My curiosity however, was growing more and more and I wanted to see if Hercyn would live up to my expectations. Let me tell you, these guys delivered once again with an excellent performance and production that demonstrates maturity. What’s awesome about both “All This Suffering Is Not Enough” and “Magda” is that the digital releases are available for FREE download on bandcamp.

Anyway, I’d like to end this briefly. Hercyn’s CDs are a must-have. So far they have done an impressive work, in which there is a little something for everybody. Taking into consideration the epic take off of their musical career, I cannot imagine what’s coming ahead. Eventually time will tell. Enjoy!

Bandcamp noteYou can download “All This Suffering Is Not Enough” for free as you type in 0$ in Buy Now.

Split album: Hercyn and Thera Roya – All This Suffering Is Not Enough
Ouro Preto Productions, release: 05.08.2014
Order CD | Thera Roya on Facebook | Bandcamp

1. Gluttony by Thera Roya
2. Dusk and Dawn by Hercyn

Total running time: 22:59


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