What a startling surprise! Spanish death preachers Profundis Tenebrarum are finally back with a new album after 6 years of silence! I do have a soft spot for their legacy, which resulted in a recommendation for their magnificent “Apocalypchrist” some years ago. Now, however, their 4th studio album is officially out and man, it is a successor to say the least.

Bearing the somewhat cool title “Disciples of Venomous Death“, this hell of a beast packs 8 immensely brutal tracks with a total of 40 minutes dripping sickness. I’ve seen some people apply the term “brutal black metal” and you know what? This is exactly how I relate to it, as well. So bloody fast, unrelenting and darker than ever! Of course, Alfred Berengena’s drumming stands out again resembling a plain atomic devastation of epic proportions.

Enough with the praise, though. If you are into black metal that goes a thousand light years beyond extremity, then “Disciples of Venomous Death” will probably appeal to you. In fact, even more than that! Check it out below and make up your mind. 

Note: Released by Egregor Records. You can get a physical copy through the Bandcamp player below.

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