It’s not the first time I said that time is too short because if I could just have all the awesome albums that came out in 2015, I would have had to move out to a new and significantly bigger place than the one that I am currently writing these words in. I had to pick the last album to recommend for this year and it was tough… So fucking tough! Anyway, I had to do it special and I think you’ll appreciate it because this installment is dedicated to a free to download album, rarely published across the net and, of course killing it big time!

Behold Helde from Spain! This Northern-inspired act of blackness leads its beginning to 2005. Despite that, their first official release appeared in 2013 (split with The Somberlain) and two years later followed their debut; the one I am holding in my hands. Many times I claimed that the importance of an artwork is undisputedly vital as an attention grabber and if it was not recommend to me, I would have probably missed on “Suaren Gerizpea.” The reason is simple. It is not as attractive as it is supposted to be and it definetely does not match the quality of the album. 

However, talking about the content inside the CD, I cannot say a bad thing because it is just splendid! For the 20 minutes it offers the listener, you get a storm of faced-paced black metal that gives you no time to catch your breath. “Suaren Gerizpea” may be counted as a tribute to the Northern soundscapes in this genre, promoting the furious, wild and most severe forms of it. It was writtern in the band’s mother language: Euskera. If I am to relate the artwork to the music in a positive way, it would because of  its minimalistic nature. It’s not fully packed with fancy effects and modern/avant-garde stuff that are increasingly showing in new releases. This is straightfoward badass black album bearing nothing more than sonic terror from start to end. In the beginning it excites you, uplifts you and in the end it drains your life essence to the last drop, so to speak.

Helde reminded me once more that “one should not judge by the book cover.” “Suaren Gerizpea” is a short but armed to the teeth album that just awaits to be played and unleash a force that may resemble US and Russian army combined together and translated in music. It is a pure devastation bringer after which even the least form of life is dead! 

Helde – Suaren Gerizpea
Negra Nit Distro, release: 16.06.2015
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1. Suaren inguruan
2. Belearen hegaldia
3. Herio eta oinaze
4. Garaitezinen requiema
5. Sasikume
6. Sugar
7. Sakrifizioa (Bathory cover)

Total running time: 20:52