Returning to the Polish lands once more for yet another ride through the mirky corners of the underground where I’ve been welcomed by Hegeroth; a new discovery, which is in the vein of melodic and symphonic black metal of the 90’s.

Hegeroth was established in 2010 and it is currently maintaining a complete lineup of 6 musicians that are all bound by one purpose; to create black fucking metal! I was granted with an opportunity to go through their debut album “Three Emperors’ Triangle”; a relatively short one given its 39 minutes that are split into 8 tracks. Nevertheless, this album can guarantee decent quality and great time especially if you are looking for an oldschool reminder.

Although, Hegeroth have categorized themselves as a melodic black metal band, their debut album “Three Emperors’ Triangle” actually counts more on haunting symphonies rather than catchy melodic riffs. Keyboards take a major part throughout the whole record and I can safely say that it is an istrument that has been approached with a special care. It is the source that shapes the menacing vibe and elevates all the instrumental work on a higher level. Frankly, I cannot imagine the album without the ghostly symphonic parts because it would have lacked expression and character.

After listening to “Three Emperors’ Triangle” for a number of times, I could see very clearly the 90’s inspiration, which is once again thanks to the keyboard work. It does not overwhelm the listener with overly complex layers of symphony but it is rather minimalistically approached reminding of a very famous phrase “sometimes less is more.” In this case, it does fit the bill  making the album coherent and pleasant to listen to. Concept-wise, Hegeroth have drawn inspiration from historic events leading the listener to Three Emperors’ Corner. From 1871 to 1918 the former tripoint at the confluence of the Black and White Przemsza rivers, marked a border between the Russian empire, German empire and Austria-Hungary. Below is a very descriptive quote taken from the CD that will shed some more light the album’s concept:

Three Emperors’ Corner – for some a symbol of greatness, for others a symbol of long-lasting division. For emperors – place where world powers creating history of the world meet, for local people – a place of injustice and moral dilemmas. It is the place where people were put to tests and in many cases had to make choices against their ideals. They were enslaved and divided. Today it all becomes blurred and falls into oblivion. What used to divide, now joins, what used to be weakness, becomes strength.

“Tree Emperors’ Triangle” offers decent quality in every manner thanks to Hegeroth’s unshakable dedication to making music that is not influenced by modern standards. However, I think they zealously defend the oldschool form of symphonic black metal, which may have not left much room for variation but still resulting in a good first album. Also, considering that Hegeroth are an independed band and managing the entire activity (from creation to promotion) on their own, they definitely deserve applause. I think that people who seek traditional stuff rather than redefining black metal, will appreciate this album a lot. Have a listen, download for free the whole record via Bandcamp’s player if you will, and make your initial impression.

HegerothThree Emperors’ Triangle 
Independet, release: 05.09.2014
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1. The King on Thrones
2. The Enforcer
3. The Slaves of War
4. Breath of the Night
5. Lake of Tears
6. The Mirror
7. Forgotten Place
8. Dancing in the Morgue

Total running time: 39:59