hegemone_luminosity_support_black_metalToday I added yet another valuable asset to my collection reconfirming that 2014 was a very yielding year for extreme metal followers. Hegemone, a post/blackened sludge metal quartet from Poland shared with me their debut album “Luminosity”, which by the way, is up for free streaming/downloading on bandcamp [follow the links below]. Let’s get into it!

The concept of “Luminosity” is as broad as the music itself. It’s not to be given a description as every individual will perceive it differently while getting deeper into it. Take it like a trip towards your inner self to find out uknown feelings that are triggered in extreme moments, making you question things within and outside surrounding you every day.

Tracks are well structured; the music is somewhat deep and thought-provoking. It’s rather restful due to the mid to slow tempo than being aggressive in a way that you could bang the hell outta your head. If you wonder if this could be an everyday listen, well, I don’t think so. To me, “Luminosity” is an album that has to be experienced in that unbreakable moment when you are by yourself, with a heart and soul open wide letting the emotions flow.  What made me shout out “WOW” was the powerful vocals that held in me in awe steadily as toning up the intensity progressively throughout the 46 minute tracklist. Instrumental-wise, the accent of the bass guitar doubles the power of the vocals and thus brings in more depth and heaviness that shakes the ground below one’s feet. All in all, impressive instrumental work that is abundant of bitter emotions and melancholy..

“Luminosity” is extremely beautiful outcome that captures the essence of several genres blended in a flawless melancholic experience. I recommend it  to those of you who are not afraid to leave their comfort zone and look for something new and refreshing.

Hegemone – Luminosity
Independed, release: 23.05.2014
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1. Diurnal
2. The Hunt Within
3. Away From the Sun
4. Lowborn
5. Nightingale

Total running time: 46:48