This is a guest-review by’s overlord Herjann.

For the first time I want to tell you about a split, Demise of Being, released by the German label Art of Propaganda in 2013; the split is divided between two bands and contains four songs, two for each band. Well, the split starts with a prolonged drum roll, which then interweaves with guitar riffs, thus leading to a crescendo that then explodes into the main riff of “Enlightened by Blood”. It is Insane Vesper, French band formed in 2002 with a full length and a series of EP’s to their credit;  they play a kind of black / death metal; as one can also see in the second song, they have a lot of biting riffs and a generally high pace. Pity for the slightly deaf sounds, especially the drums, which in the initial roll sound more like a jackhammer.

The second band is Triumfall, formed in 2006 in Serbia; they also have a full length out; the vocalist here is Atterigner, also vocalist of Norwegian Gorgoroth. I think Triumfall are more interesting. The genre is relatively similar to that of Insane Vesper, but Triumfall have a greater deal of black metal aptitude.  The tremolo riffs are very fast, but melodies and mid tempos break the continuity. Very good performance of Atterigner, who also modulates his voice on clean registers, as in “Iconography of Horns”. Characteristic of the style of the Serbs is their search for original solutions in order to create variety; an example is “The World Eater”, in which the final section has long reverberated guitar notes, no drums, and ghostly, eerie voices.

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Label, release: 09.12.2013
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Isane Vesper
1. Enlightened by Blood
2. Golden Rays of Unification Shine

3. Iconography of Horns
4. The World Eater

Total running time: 26:39