Last year was the year of black metal and many fans as well as media collectively admitted that undisputed fact. The lists of best of the best albums seemed endless hence catching up with everything that was coming out was equal to convincing one that there is a higher entity than almighty Chuck Norris. Hopefully, I won’t be punished for saying his name in vain.. Last year, I also decided not to join the “Best albums” train and instead I compiled an article of some of the most promising yet hardly ever published stuff across the net. One of the names that I did mention in there is Grey Heaven Fall.

Russia-based Grey Heaven Fall and their sophomore album  “Black Wisdom” is like a treasure that I found after seeking it for ages across vast landscapes of thorns and sailing through stormy ocean waves. It was damn hard but that challenge was worth it because this album has got a lot to offer on the table. Few words about Grey Heaven Fall before going further, though. The band consists of 3 invokers of the Great Desolation who define their style as black/death metal. This act of atrocity was born in 2006 and despite its short list of releases, the band has established an excellent reputation both in and beyond their native land.

I have got the honor to listen to “Black Wisdom” extensively thanks to Aesthetics of Devastation, the record label standing tall behind Grey Heaven Fall. Firstly, upon unwrapping the package they sent me, I got surprised by the way the CD was put together. Frankly, I had never seen so simply designed outer cover, which I got to like instantly for one reason only. In spite of its simplicity, instead of screaming “the design was rushed”, it actually communicates that this album is made to be straight to the point and that no place for redundant content is given.


Now, beyond the packaging, there lies a blackened heart whose pulses can be heard by the ones who see the light of the dark and its mesmerizing beauty. I tell you, this is not an ordinary album and the only way to see its colors is by getting deeper into its chambers of corruption where at the end an illuminated being awaits to cleanse the ignorance from an infected mind. “Black Wisdom” is a musical interpretation of knowledge and dark philosophy that is meant to breathe in thoughts of awakening and aversion of the divine presence.

Speaking of the way “Black Wisdom” was composed, I would say it can be compared to an old mellow wine, which has to be tasted only in special occasions. I honestly cannot imagine listening to it on a daily basis because it demands to put aside some time just for it alone and do nothing else but getting into the unearthly experiences that it creates through it’s ascending vibrations.

Some may agree that black/death metal is associated with a rather heavy and brutal sounding, generally speaking. However, in my opinion Grey Heaven Fall leans towards a more softened and avant-garde version of it. The 6 offerings that they bring on the table are nothing like what is expected from this sub-genre. It is far beyond comprehension. Not only is it technical, deep and astonishing in terms of production, but it is crafted in such a unique manner that you’ll always find something new and exciting after each replay.

Grey Heaven Fall have created a channel that connects the black-hearted ones to higher entities and that’s clearly portrayed in the inhumanly produced “Black Wisdom.” If you wonder how the sound quality feels, I can sum it up real quick. Pure fucking masterpiece! To me, this album is the answer to “detail orientation.” Exceptionally clean sound! You won’t struggle to spot the potential of each individual instrument. That’s why the effect of the ravishing occult-like effects of the instrumental work reaches such high degrees that one could forget that we deal with music anymore. That’s why it is so grand, that’s why it is so unearthly.

“Black Wisdom” carries the black flame in its core and once it is grasped, it brings the warmth of knowing and thus ascending. This is not just an extreme metal album. This is a legacy that is here for the ones who dare to find God in the deepest abomination first, and then in beauty.

Grey Heaven Fall – Black Wisdom
Aesthetics of Devastation, release: 30.10.2015
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1. The Lord Is Blissful in Grief
2. Spirit of Oppression
3. To the Doomed Sons of Earth
4. Sanctuary of Cut Tongues
5. Tranquility of the Possessed
6. That Nail in a Heart

Total running time: 51:20