After nearly 5 months since the last episode, From the depths returns with another batch of 3 bands (Gevurah, Almyrkvi and Slitherum) that will take their reserved spot in SBM’s hall of fame. Get ready cause I am nearly 100% sure that these projects will blow you away! Now let’s put on some quality stuff, shall we?


I’ve never hidden my profound interest in Quebec’s underground metal scene. That place of the globe is blooming! You can choose among superb projects of all kinds of black metal sub-genres (yeah, they are that many) and still you won’t get fed up easily. Considering the rich choice of magnificent darkened extreme music, I’ve had a little struggle to pick one band, however, Gevurah somehow popped up and made my jaw drop. I love it when musicians silently craft their masterpiece and suddenly explode like a wild infernal fire consuming everything on its way. There is a little mystery around Gevurah when it comes to when it was born. Nevertheless, this duo made a huge leap forward in 2016 as they released their debut titled “Hallelujah!”, which makes me go “Amin, brothers!”

Leaving the jokes on the side, “Hallelujah!” is a perfectly executed album of bleakness and massive intensity. Personally, I love every aspect of it, starting from the crystal clear sound quality, the awe-inspiring atmosphere and exceptional compositions that could bring shivers down your spine. If you have missed out on this piece of art, better off give it a spin right away. You’ll have no regrets, believe me! 



Iceland is still on the top of mass media’s mouth for a reason. It seems like the scene literally exploded like a star and the whole world witnesses the most beautiful black metal super nova in years! That cosmic devastation will grow I am sure, and one name in particular comes to mind that will contribute on the long run. Almyrkvi is by all means an underground project being run by a one truly talented guy known as Garðar (SinmaraSlidhr – live ).  I don’t really remember how I have been drawn to this band but I ever since I got my hands on “Pupil of the Searing Maelstrom“, I’ve been mesmerized by the unearthly forces translated into inhuman music. Almyrkvi doesn’t offer a whole load of releases on the table but who cares? The first and only EP of the band stands for quality over quantity and by that I mean a release that will hold your breath for a really long time. Go give it a try below.

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It’s hard to label what Slitherum play, however, they definitely built their foundation on black metal and perfected it in their own way by mixing post-rock and even a pinch of industrial to their sound. It may not sound as pretty as I describe it but in fact it really is a stellar project. Slitherum hails from Greece where it was founded by three members. To be honest, there isn’t that much background information apart from the fact that last year they put out the phenomenal “Godbox Suicide.” Check out two excerpts from it below. 

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