(Nattramn reviews the debut album of Gates of Aaru, “In Retribution Of Life & Decay”.)

South Africans Gates of Aaru released their debut today. I’ve stumbled upon these guys incidentally on a demo song “Welcome To The New Dawn” which caught me off-guard with it’s fast tempo and aggressiveness, especially the drums. Since then I was looking towards the album.

They’re classified as black/death metal but share close sound to the Dimmu Borgir’s Abrahadabra release. That’s what I felt on the first hear and thus make this comparison. Strong symphonic presence and a choir but bit more aggressive as a playstyle. Kudos to the vocalist which fits the music perfectly, great lows and highs as they sound natural.

Overall a very solid release which I recommend to everyone out there not seeking something unique, but just another crushing force of metal music worth a listen!

Gates of Aaru – In Retribution Of Life & Decay
Independet, release: 30.01.2014

1. Severance of an Enigmatic Law
2. Welcome to the New Dawn
3. Death’s Wake
4. In Retribution of Life and Decay
5. Keepers of Sanity
6. The Croatiîn Rhapsody
7. Extinction