I’ve got to admit that whatever I’ve been doing up until this point got completely frozen when I saw the news about Gaahls Wyrd. I’ve been following this band practically from the very beginning and every time I was wondering just about one thing – when the hell would they release an album..

Finally, Season of Mist lifted the veil with a premiere featuring an exclusive song from their debut “GastiR – Ghosts Invited“. The album will be available on 31st of May.

Now, as to the track itself, it comes as no surprise as to how tight the overall production is given that Gaahl has proven himself a great musician. With bands like Gorgoroth (formerly), Trelldom, Godseed and Warduna, which set the bars really high over the years, it’s more than curious to see what’s coming for Gaahls Wyrd.

Apart from the title song “Ghosts Invited”, you can also check out the cover artwork that will come along with this promising package. While waiting til May, be sure to check out the above mentioned bands where Gaahl has been in conspiracy with. Excluding Gorgoroth, I guess cause you are supposed to have known them by now. Maybe?

Gaahls Wyrd - GastiR - Ghosts Invited cover / support black metal