furia_poland_black_metal_bandPolish record label Pagan Records has reported an official release date of “Nocel”, which is the 4th album of misanthropic plagueriders Furia. The big day is October the 16th; expect an 8-piece set of morose and mournful tunes that continue the traditional approach of the band to boldly experiment. “Nocel” is gonna be available in CD (jewel case), digital download and double LP (later this year). Fury and hatred are the emotions that take over. To have an initial impression and get warmed up for “Nocel”, listen to “Zamawianie drugie”. 


1. Opętaniec
2. Ptaki idą
3. Zamawianie drugie
4. Niezwykła nieludzka nieprzyzwoitość
5. Nigdy i nigdzie
6. My bełkoczą
7. Beze mnie
8. Ogromna noc