Late yet better than never, as they say, right? Anyway, I got really intrigued when I saw that US one-man act Funeral Presence is on the verge of unleashing a new album. Having received so much positive feedback on his debut, I’ve become beyond curious to find out more about “Achatius“; or the band’s sophomore opus coming out in 15th February via Sepulchral Voice Records.

To keep it short and to the point, “Achatius” makes a statement that refers to the purest and most straightforward current of the early 90’s era. Although, this is a criminally often used description for a vast number of black metal releases, this preview proves that:

There is always room to expand the foundations.

Funeral Presence instantly reminded me of the way Fenriz would compose his stuff. Very primal and focused on quality instrumental work. The abrasive sound production complements ideally the choice of rhythm and composition. Moreover, to break up the minimalism at certain areas, the preview song features some truly captivating melodic passages. Time is not wasted here and every segment in place serves a great deal of enjoyment.

So much so in fact, that I simply embraced the fact that this piece will not leave me anytime soon. If you haven’t touched on Funeral Presence’s work before, be sure to start now.

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