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I’ve always had a special attitude towards black/doom for it requires one to be in a darker than the usual state of the mind. And by “usual”, you should know what I mean if you are as die-hard black metal fan as I am. There are appropriate conditions where such kind of music could be a solace and deliver you from your pain. Music such as Frozen Land performs.

First of all Frozen Land is run by one person under the name Mephisto. No wonder why it’s a one-man band, though. If you are into melancholic/doom/depressive styles, you should have noticed that most bands are in fact represented by one arist. This is due to the desire to express own visions, emotions  and thoughts without being interfered by others – making art in isolation while diving into the inner self.

Following this “model”, Mephisto entered his own abyss in the hopes of finding the ultimate source of inspiration and “Nostalgy” is the end result.  A classic debut black/doom album and the first of its kind that I am reviewing from Apocalyptic Art by now.

“Nostalgy” is a gate to a world of greyness. Its concept is based on lack of happiness, pleasure and light – total void. The purpose of it is to make you turn your back on life as you know it and choose to pursuit melancholy instead. Under the cold rain following the path of emptyness and hopelessness, turning yourself into indifference until being completely devoured by darkness. Be gone forever!

The music is distinctive for black/doom – slow-paced rhythm, hectic, sorrowful and haunting. Emotional is a key word in “Nostalgy.” That’s why you should mind that it’s not your everyday music. After  48 minutes of emotional darkness you will find yourself in one of the two states of the mind: delivered or absolutely destroyed, depending on your individual mentality. As to musicianship -perfect job. I almost have no remarks on this except for one of the songs “Masterpiece of Hate.” Really cool title but unfortunately repetition prevails and therefore could be somewhat boring.

I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that Frozen Land covers Uriah Heep’s classic “Lady in Black.” Spare me for this but I liked the cover better! The heavier doomish sound accompanied by the subtle atmospheric approach (common for the rest of the songs from “Nostalgy”)  makes this song brighter. Did I tell you that Mephisto performs clean singing quite well?

With my last words I’m gonna conclude this review as follows. “Nostalgy” is the best album I have reviewed from Apocalyptic Art’s inventory so far. Almost flawless, full of emotion and desolation that is capable to either do your sorrow away or your soul.. Make your first impression right below. Farewell!

Note: Thanks to LilianEvil for uploading this video and for Apocalyptic Art’s approval.

Frozen LandNostalgy
Apocalyptic Art, release: 26.06.2012
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1. Farewell
2. Exposed By Silence
3. Masterpiece of Hate
4. Beauty and Uglyness
5. Lady In Black ( Uriah Heep cover)
6. The End

Total running time: 48:07


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