It’s time to break the autumn silence with the new batch of kickass black metal that will get you into a very good mood, I am sure. Behold the brand new edition of From the depths featuring yet another three bands that take their deserved spot in the hall of fame, so to speak. Let’s cut to the chase..


Zgard can be described as the enchanting sound of the Carpathian legends that fascinate people from around the globe. This Ukrainian trio combines the severe essence of black metal with pagan and atmospheric elements in a way that can make you want to listen to more and more of their superb discography. With four full-length albums behind their back and one on the way, you’ve got plenty of material to check out and feel the magick that springs out when they take over your speakers. Enjoy a new track from their upcoming record “Totem” below. 

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I’ve recently discovered Hoth by chance, thanks to their awesome cover artwork that represents their latest album “Oatbreaker.” That was the turning point when I’ve fallen in love with this band and you’re about to see why. Hoth was born in 2011 in the US and they play possibly one of the most infectious forms of melodic death/black metal. It’s just way too hard to resist the awesomeness that is so abundant especially concerning “Oathbreaker.”  There is so much talent that I cannot describe with mere words, so I suggest you to listen to all tracks of their latest masterpiece and then you’ll get me. Oh, you will!

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Just like Zgard, Kaosophia also derives from the Ukranian lands but shares a different, more sinister philosophy. The Kaosophic vision leads its beginning to 2011 and since then it speads the Great Apocalypse and chaos in stereo. So far, the band has released just one full-length titled “The Origins of Extiction”; the one that I embraced in a blink of an eye and  hopefully you will, too. Kaosophia is firmly rooted in the original state of black metal and I am very certain that a true connoisseur will be pleased upon listening to their stigmatic chants.