I hope you are ready for the new series of From the depths because we are going deeper into the underground where we meet three bands that are very distinctive from each other. This time instead of traveling to a single country, we are visiting three, so  get your headphones ready and buckle up for a darker trip. 

Temple of Oblivion

Our first destination is Germany. I’m very excited to introduce you Temple of Oblivion. This act has been present since 2006, one full-length released by now and lots of potential that cannot be unnoticed. Oh, most importantly, I have an exclusive preview of their upcoming record called “Traum und Trauma.”  A storm is coming in the fall and I’ve never anticipated it so much like now.
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Regnvm Animale

Regnvm Animale orinate from Sweden and it is a project built upon black metal foundation but pushed much further. Instead of focusing on one genre only, they enriched their sound by incorporating elements from crust, punk and rounding it up with melodies that are nearly impossible to resist. As they say themselves “totally off-beat.” It’s not for everybody, that’s for sure yet if you are an open-minded individual, you’ll embrace their nature.
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Update: The EP has been removed for some reason.

UK-based progressive black metallers Hryre have announced very good news: their debut EP “Deaþ Þurhfaran Eftboren – Heretéam fram Anweald” is officially released and up for free streaming on bandcamp. The whole package is incredible and you can have it on a digital format for 3 British pounds – almost for free.. You can get to know the band better here or simply follow Hryre on Facebook.