Allow me to introduce you the brand category “FROM THE DEPTHS.” In here I am going to feature some the most underground bands ever; a perfect opportunity for you to listen to fresh stuff and enrich your collection eventually. With this being said, brace yourself because we are going on a long trip to Netherlands where we are meeting TarnkappeWalpurgisnacht and Kjeld


Tarnkappe is a creation of members who also take part in the respected dutch bands Salacious Gods and Lugubre. So far they only released a demo titled “Tussen Hun En De Zon” in 2013, which includes 13 songs of straight black metal. If you are feeling nostalgic about the oldschool wave, then I strongly encourage you to listen to the song below.
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Born in 1996 and still ruling as hell ever since , Walpurgisnacht is one of the role models that in my opinion, many of the young generation artists should follow. Recently they added a new full-length to their discography that continues their tradition of producing high quality black metal. The album is called “Vergheldinghens Crachte” and  takes the best of the old and modern style. Fortunately it is available for free streaming on bandcamp! I advise to taste this raw yet melodic masterpiece.
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After putting out the remarkable EP “De Tiid hâldt gjin Skoft” in 2010, Kjeld returned with full force as they announced a music video from their upcoming/debut album “Skym.”  The featured song “Baduhenna” made me understand that this debut will be a big milestone in Kjeld’s musical history . I am looking forward to hearing what they have prepared for us in the near future. For now open your senses as much as possible, turn up you player to the maximum volume and get yourself headbanging!!!
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