Our well established and not so timely tradition to update our so beloved series “From the Depths” has come to a new installment. This is a milestone on its own deserving a little shindy and I strongly believe that I’ve got what it takes to fire it up. While scouring the internet, I literally crashed into Schattenkult Produktionen’s channel; and thus, the magic happened – I got freaking inspired to write. Thanks to Siaskel, Thromos and Dark Elite, of course.


Siaskel got me instantly upon first listen with a track from their upcoming album titled “Xo’on Hauk Sho’on“. The Chilean quartet provides an intriguing sneak peek that promises some solid material for early 2019 feasting. Firstly, the preview song “Kai Klóketen” shows off exceptional production quality. Secondly, it sets a ritualistic undertone, which uplifts the effect of the outstanding melodic interludes in a highly effective manner. Thirdly, without even trying to innovate, Siaskel somehow keep it very fresh and firmly rooted into the tradition of svart metael, so to speak.

While waiting for “Xo’on Hauk Sho’on” to pop out, make sure to check out Siaskel’s previous 2 full-length releases. I “heard” from Metal-Archives that they are worthy, as well.

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With this next feature reserved for German duo Thromos, we are entering the rather traditional side of this genre. Behold “Taucht ein .​.​. in Finsternis” or their 1st out of 2 records for 2018 alone!  Although, the arrangements themselves might be very familiar to what the frostbitten North has unleashed upon Earth, they still bring lots of excitement.

After all, we’ve got the perfect “I’m in for the ride” formula featuring captivating cold riffage, neat abrasive shrieks and solid drumming. There is something about the somber mood that Thromos set that keeps me returning. And with each time, I get more and more hooked.

By the way, of all 3 bands, Thromos appear to the most productive in terms of album count. The band was founded in 2004 and they already have 10 full-length releases, excluding demos and what not. However, I cannot back them all up for I’m myself novice in terms of their music.


Dark Elite

Last but not least comes the Finnish act Dark Elite who won me with their debut record “Void Omnipotent“. Having connected the dots, I wasn’t really surprised why this material is so potent. All members come from extremely fruitful bands such as Avathar, Battlelore and Khert-Neter converging into what we know as Dark Elite.

This cosmic manifestation embodies a marriage between black and death metal with an exceptional song writing. While the compositions aren’t as aggressive as this stylistic blend typically gets, it compensates with a great deal of variety and atmosphere.

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Alright, you made it to the end! I hope you discovered something new today. You are welcome to subscribe to SBM through the newsletter form on the sidebar. I promise, your pledge won’t turn into a SPAMpocalypse!