With the coming end of 2014, it’s about time to unleash the last “From the depths” sequence for this year  featuring bands from Italy and the United States. Frankly, it is always hard for me to narrow it down to just three examples given that every day I come across at least 4-5 mindblowing names that make me go “that’s a fucking WOW, man!!!” Anyway, lets get this started.


Paymon is a one-man raw black metal band from Italy that was born in the early 90’s. The life-giving force behind it is Lord Skarn who wrote and composed three demos and one full-length titled “Regno Occulto”, released through Schattenkult Produktionen. If you are currently in the mood to listen to black metal done the traditional way, then check out the track below.
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Continuing in the same spirit, I’ve picked another band from the blackened treasures of Schattenkult Produktionen and that’s Nebrus (who, by the way, are Italian, too). Their work is referred to the early 90’s black metal, perfected with exceptionally well executed female vocals by Noctuaria. I recommend you to try their brand new EP “Blackera.”
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Last but not the least is Orsus who are based in the United States. This band transformed between 2000 and 2014 as they changed their name and lyrical direction to transcendance and philosophy. For the time being, they have released only one live album, from which I extracted the track “Apostasy.”
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