New episode of  From the depths is here paying homage to 3 completely and utterly mindblowing bands who seem to be also very underrated. I initially planned to make this installment entirely dedicated to the atmospheric sub-genre but earlier today I got surprised by some awesome news from Godz ov War Productions and the plans changed immediately. They have provided an access to one of their upcoming releases, which kind of “broke the atmospheric symmetry” that I was aiming for but nevertheless, I am sure you’ll appreciate the unplanned addition to the list. Turn on your speakers and let’s have some quality time now!


I have to credit Narstrand (one of the leading creative forces in Dråpsnatt) for the opportunity to get to know about Nivlhel’s existence. He has a vital role in the band’s live performances while taking care of the guitars and vocals, which is why I discovered them and became obsessed with their works. Little is known about this act except for their country of origin that is Sweden and the current lineup consisting of two members only. As short their band info is, so is their discography, including a demo called “Ur vrede född” that appeared in 2013 and their debut self-titled full-length following up a year later. Nivlhel offers a wide range of epic and melodic patterns in conjunction with ferocious black metal vibe and clean vocals that don’t go soft on you at all. This is a classic case (for me) where clean singing works perfectly and complements the whole experience. 

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Speaking of “breaking the symmetry” in this article, the main suspects for this occassion is in favor of Polish black/death metallers Stillborn. Increasingly, I am getting to see how much talent emerges from the depths of Poland as if on a daily basis and this band makes me get deeper into that part of Europe closer than ever. Although, Stillborn have been around since 1997, I just discovered them thanks to the good guys from Godz ov War Productions who invited me to listen to an excerpt from their upcoming release “Testimonio de Bautismo” that is scheduled to come out in 27th of February. Much can be said for this band and if I am to put it in short, I would say that is a one fucking relentless and quite brutal act of savagery. Get brutalized by tasting what’s coming soon below.



I know Dråpsnatt for a very long time and ever since I have dug out their debut “I denna skog”, I never stopped loving their music. The atmospherics, the charming  compositions and the vocals; some of the most wicked and madman-like I’ve ever heard in an atmospheric black metal band, is just a tiny little bit that I can point out why I recomend them so much. Dråpsnatt is a Swedish duo born in 2005 having no life performances by now. Still, for all these years they produced 3 extremely infectious releases that I am certain, at least one of them will steal your heart for good.