It’s been a long while since the last From the depths installment; sincere apologies. Sometimes it feels like 24 hours are not enough to catch up with all the bands that emerge lately.  The pool of awesome stuff is expanding rapidly and you cannot be happier because the choice is endless. Traditioanlly I’ve got three bands of diverse character that incorporate avant-garde, thrash and death metal ingredients. Let’s listen to some badass music, shall we?


Swedish black metal has been a trademark for high quality extreme music for many years. Nachtlieder is yet another cool project that is worth your attention. Firstly, I’ve got to point out that the mastermind behind this name is a woman (a.k.a. one-woman band). Susanne describes Nachtlieder as a musical balance between contrasting elements such as light vs dark, humour vs seriousness and beauty vs ungliness. In 2013 the band’s debut self-titled album was out and below you can listen to two songs from it.
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Gilgamesh is a German blackened death metal act that dives into the ancient times when the Mesopotamian civilization existed. The band’s debut album “The Awakening” is a projection of a world where Gods dominate society. If you are an explorer of myths, epic stories, legendary battles related through oriental extreme metal, then you should get to know Gilgamesh right away.

Mortuus Sum

Mortuus Sum are no strangers to SBM. I’ve featured them along with Marasme and Slaughterthrone in a must-see premiere. This time I’d like to take you back to 2012 when Mortuus Sum took part in the split “Inverted God” with Funeral Storm. By the way, you can download it for free on bandcamp! Now read no more and enjoy these suggestions.
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